The estate

The Santa Maria del Garino Estate is in the municipality of Clavesana, in the Western Langhe.

It is the result of extensive work by oenologist Claudio Rosso to unify the old estate once more, on the hill which was once a Roman settlement, a medieval parish and then a noble property, straddling the Piedmontese marquisates on the road to the Genovesato (Claves Januae) until more recent times, when it was divided by sharecropping.

A new frontier to the west, at an altitude of 400 metres above sea level, in calcareous marl soils of ancient marine origin, as proven by the numerous fossilised remains of shells and madrepores. Some vineyards are still being planted and plans are underway to introduce a new local white wine, Nascetta.

Among all the hills and vineyard landscapes acknowledged by UNESCO, this area stands out for its delightful alternation of crops and natural vegetation, which still evoke a varied and genuine rurality while being surprisingly suitable for the production of great wines.

The estate is managed with a knowledge of sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural techniques that the owner has mastered during his working experience over the years (as technical certifier of organic farming, way back in the 1980s). The guiding principle is to enhance traditional techniques by combining them with innovations and experiences developed through current experiments, implementing protocols that provide certainty

for specialised niches to focus on the environmental emancipation of broader ecosystems. The collaboration of trained personnel capable of sharing the quality goals set by the owner is also important, especially in hillside winegrowing, where manual work is of primary importance in every season of the year.